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AutoPREP DWG Manager
  • Open Drawings with corrupt, missing or disassociated X-Refs
  • Repair, associate, or replace needed files
  • Separate all files into Patent, X-Ref or Standalone columns
$249.00 per year
Pricing includes Maintenance, Support and Free Upgrades:
Eighteen percent (18%) is added to all past due invoicing over 45 days. Prices quoted are in U.S. Dollars and are for United States and Canadian customers only. Prices are subject to change without notice. All above pricing supersedes all previously issued pricing offers, discounts and guarantees. All AutoPREP processes patented or patents pending.
AutoPREP "Host DWG Manager"

Have you ever been stopped dead in your tracks trying to open drawings with disassociated, missing or corrupt X-Refs? The “Host Manager“ automatically opens problematic drawings by fixing or replacing corrupt, missing or unattached XRef files. It first searches for locatable Xrefs from multiple files to re-attach or bind them. Missing or corrupt files will be replaced to initially open the drawing and all issues are tracked and written to an “Error Log” for review. It will also alert the user of corrupt, unrecoverable or missing files by automatically preparing an E-mail for replacement of the blank proxy files temporarily inserted to initially open the drawing.

The Host Manager can also automatically search hundreds or even thousands of drawings and sort them into Parent, X-Ref, Stand alone, Corrupt or Missing subsets in a matter of minutes. The Host Drawing Manager can be purchased as a separate stand-alone utility or integrated within the AutoCAD program to completely eliminate file failure frustration and time consuming drawing file type categorization.
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