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Organizes hundreds or thousands of files into parent, xref, standalone, etc. Automatically re-paths externally referenced files in the parent files. Identifies and isolates missing and corrupt xrefs.
Includes powerful editing tools for Layers, Hatches, Blocks, Text, Dimensions, allowing you to edit within blocks and even nested blocks without exploding or bursting. Patented Memory Wizards record your cleanup activity and automatically apply the same tasks to revised files. Use the Memory Wizard on one file, or thousands of files, at the touch of a button!

Digitally compare one revision drawing against another or multiple revisions. Automatically color code or cloud deltas between drawing revisions. Filter and isolate materials for download to pricing or scheduling programs. Easily find revisions that could be manually overlooked.
AutoPREP “Pro” for the industrial strength user! “Batch” file process all AutoPREP features on hundreds or even thousands of drawings unattended. Perfect for automated processing and review of revision drawing for change orders and/ or processing drawings for issuance.
AP Security Drawing Cleanup Security System:
Contains two security features that intertwine to protect original drawing files while allowing comprehensive drawing cleanup and preparation for background use. This will allow Architects and others to issue electronic files without worry!
“AutoPREP is a revolutionary new product that works with AutoCAD and can be utilized by virtually any discipline.

Supercharge your productivity by automating tedious,
time consuming tasks.”
  • Easily open drawing files with, Unattached, Missing or Corrupt X-Refs
  • Repair, associate, or replace needed files, it can even automatically request missing files
  • Greatly reduce drawing file sizes by removing all superfluous entities
  • Easily remove Hatches, Blocks or even Nested Block Elements, Globally, without Exploding!
  • Simplify complex text strings such as M-text into simple text
  • Track all preparation input to be seamlessly replicated and applied to all revision drawings
  • Automatically Compare and Define all modifications between drawings (Clouds or Color)
  • Unique layer management tools to Combine, Simplify, Discern and Reduce Layers
  • Quickly separate files into Parent, X-ref, Missing and Standalone sub-component files
Tasks that took hours can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes.  The cleanup process can be automatically repeated on revision drawings with built-in memory wizards and most features can be batch-file sequenced to allow multi-drawing processing with no additional user input.  (Patents pending on most features)
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