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The Construction Market is AutoPREP's proving ground. AutoPREP was designed by and for a large Specialty Construction company working on some of the largest MEGA Projects on the Planet.

Projects like Las Vegas City Center, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and other MEGA sized projects where numerous contractors were sharing data and designing systems from one master set of Architectural Documents. This obviously created an environment where a solution like AutoPREP had to be created. The lost profit, errors and headaches associated with resolving X-References, Cleaning up drawings and comparing versions of documents was a daily occurrence!

AutoPREP to the rescue!


Engineering is becoming more and more complex and with multiple firms that are discipline specific working and collaborating on one large project - the same issues arise in the Engineering space as you so often see in the Construction Market.

AutoPREP saw this need in the Engineering space and addressed their issues.

AutoPREP is the Solution!


Architecture is where all of the complexity often starts. With Architectural drawings becoming more and more layered and the use of X-references now a standard practice the challenge of resolving these files as well as the content that is often added layer by layer that is not needed by specialty firms and contractors creates a tremendous amount of cleaning, comparing and resolving that has to happen before their meaningful design work can begin.

AutoPREP is the answer!


More and more specialty engineers, surveyors and designers are looking for a product like AutoPREP to reduce the tedious and time consuming work of preparing outside data prior to beginning work on their own new projects!

AutoPREP is finding a home in more and more firms every day!


Manufacturing companies are looking to AutoPREP to solve many of the problems that they have with data and drawing files that may never leave one company but are shared and changed for various parts of processes throughout a product lifecycle.

AutoPREP can solve many problems and in many different types of environments!

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