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Current Partners:
AutoPREP Software is committed to delivering a great product and also a lucrative and easy to administer VAR-Reseller Program as well as an effective, yet simple Affiliate Partner Program. Our Partner Programs allows the Reseller to provide a unique product that provides a REAL ROI and also allows the reseller to position themselves as a true solutions provider offering multiple products that meet the needs of their existing customer base. At the same time the program allows a reseller to further mine the potential of their customer base. Often this variety in offerings allows a reseller to attract customers that they could not reach or penetrate in the past.

Our partners are part of a highly trained, motivated and professional network of CAD Resellers. Our partners address key vertical, national and geographic markets around the world.

The AutoPREP Partner Program is designed to develop customers into clients for life. Our partners provide the end users with a unique product that is able to reduce time, risks, errors, omissions and redundant tedious work that has long robbed the bottom line of precious hard fought profits.

In recent months our existing and prospective partners have asked for the Affiliate Partner Program option. This option allows a reseller to capture traffic to their sites as well as benefitting from our marketing efforts. The Affiliate Partner program allows the Reseller to drop AutoPREP Banners and Landing Pages on their site and get paid for driving traffic to us on a “Per Click”, “Per Lead” and “Per BUY” option without ever having to touch the customer. It is all handled through sophisticated link tracking and guarantees payouts as well as ownership of the customer for on-going service and upgrades.

AutoPREP Reseller Program has several key goals as its core objectives:
  • Delivering a valuable profit increasing product to the end user through a professional channel and affiliate program.
  • Improving the Sales Operations efficiency, close rates for our resellers while keeping cost of sale and mindshare low.
  • Delivering real market development programs to increase the penetration and acceptance of AutoPREP technology
  • A Marketing Partner that assists in developing a higher understanding of all inbound and outbound marketing systems.
  • Widening the Solutions Offerings that our Partners provide while keeping things SIMPLE!
AutoPREP Partnership Levels

1.  Sales Operations as a REVENUE ENGINE – This program will have the lowest impact on existing Sales Staff – but will allow larger resellers to MINE their CRM / Databases and market to potential customers with a more Automated Sales Machine. Emails, Webinars, Right Size Questionnaires, Web Orders then placed with Reseller ID on your site or ours.

2.  1 + Inside Sales / Telemarketing Involvement. This program allows you to train and direct your Sales Staff with a new opportunity to generate NEW Revenue and also use AutoPREP as an easy entry into NEW Client Markets. (i.e. Construction)

This program also allows you to engage more closely with AutoPREP Partner Managers and provides a higher level of assistance in closing KEY Opportunities.

3.  1+2+ Engaging some or all of your more Senior Consultative Sales Staff with Strong Relationships that are Discipline Specific and have Customers in HIGH POTENTIAL Industries. This program allows all of the above and provides maximum market penetration and allows your company to maximize opportunities by working directly with AutoPREP and AutoSource and LARGE Revenue Opportunities. (This program also allows for LEAD dispersement from AutoPREP and AutoSource.

4.  Affiliate Marketing Partner – All the benefits of a VAR Partner without the people resource intensive effort or investment. (To learn more about Affiliate Marketing in general click the hyperlink above) Email us at sales@autoprep.com – put AutoPREP Affiliate Partner in the Subject line to find out more!

The AutoPREP Partner Sales Acceleration Program provides a PLUG and PLAY Sales Model that is easy to roll out, easy to administer and also leverages our sales and technical staff to extend your efforts and generate NEW revenue from your existing base.

We can work with your staff to help direct the mining of your CRM database for effective email marketing campaigns. We provide your company with proven and effective email templates to drive attendance to the Live and pre-recorded Webinars and AutoPREP does the rest.

Please email us at sales@autoprep.com if you wish to find out more about becoming an AutoPREP Partner.

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Partner Program
Provides a REAL ROI and also allows the reseller to position themselves as a true solutions provider.
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