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Firms having to deal with numerous drawing files, with continual revisions, will realize the most productive feature AutoPREP has to offer: “Batch processing”. The variable quantity batch file utility of AutoPREP PRO can automatically perform most of the functions described above on hundreds or even thousands of drawings after you leave the office! As an example, in today’s fast paced construction environment, general contractors are inundated with continual revision drawings that have little or no revision delineation or highlighted deltas. They are usually instructed to provide cost breakdowns within specified timeframes or forfeit cost changes. Teams of staff members are needed to scour the revised drawings to determine all revisions and then print out drawings to highlight changes for pricing. The contractor must also separate the files into parent, X-ref and standalone, bind drawings as necessary, and resolve any issues prior to issuing them to all sub-contractors and vendors. Once the files are loaded in AutoPREP PRO’s batch file process, it can perform all these functions automatically on hundreds of drawings without further human intervention. After cleaning, collating and comparing, all drawings can be sent to a printer or PDF with delineated modifications for review.

A log file is automatically generated to review the results of unattended tasks including any errors. It also provides a separate report of the number of changes to each and every drawing in the order of importance (most changes to the least). General contractors are also usually charged with issuing the revised drawings to all participating sub-contractors and vendors. Imagine having the automated ability to provide problem free, pre-cleaned, concise, reduced file size drawings to all project team members, with the ability to delineate any design changes for all disciplines. Consider the value of a tool that can so greatly assist with accurate and on-time performance on a project! AutoPREP can also compare drawing revisions between user defined issuances or automatically tile between numerous deltas, using the batch file process, long after project completion or anywhere in-between. One tool for so many users.

AutoPREP PRO can also be utilized by Engineers, Consultants, or anyone that uses AutoCAD in a dynamic, collaborative design environment. Dealing with continually changing drawings will no longer diminish your design productivity. Architects can also delineate all “Revision Clouds” after the fact instead of continually keeping track of them on the fly. The X-Ref feature can greatly assist with layer management and quality control by allowing graphic layer delineation of all entities within all X-Refs in rapid succession. It can also be used to gage productivity by comparing to show how much work has been completed within any given timeframe.
  • Discern and graphically delineate any and all revisions between drawings
  • Automatic REVISION Clouds placed around CHANGES.
  • Automatic COLOR (user defined color) for ADDED or DELETED items
  • Changed items ISOLATION with “Drill Down – Zoom”
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