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AutoPREP contains two important security features that intertwine to protect original drawing files while allowing comprehensive drawing cleanup and preparation for background use. It also allows complete review of edited drawings against the original drawing. The user can recall the “View Only” file directly from the program at any time to insure that desired entities were not inadvertently deleted by AutoPREP’s powerful automated functionality.

Architects, Engineers and Consultants

“Original” drawing security is yet another unresolved situation that AutoPREP can remedy!

It is understandable that some industry professionals are hesitant to release editable oiginal files that most project team members request in order to remove redundancies for needed specialty design space. Many will only issue locked, PDF or Bit Map files that not only slow the cleanup process but totally restrict dissemination of valuable imbedded internally intelligent entities needed for digital communication. This is particularly true for BIM specific projects. AutoPREP’s “Drawing Cleanup Security System”, protects the “Original” drawing by only allowing it to be viewed or printed but never altered or edited. For added security the copy that is automatically generated in its place is embedded with a permanent time dated marker to designate it as “ Not the Original”. There is also tracking options available to monitor all usage. Issued drawing can only be opened using AutoPREP and should solve the dilemma presented to all project teams faced with Design needs vs Security issues.

  • Never have to worry about stolen designs
  • Safe to hand off drawimgs to other trades
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